Contract Settlement Solution Strengthening demand chain management.

Often, by the time a commodities deal has been made, the contracts are so complex that it’s hard to tell what the true value of the contract is to the business.

What if contract management were one of the strongest links in your chain?

  • How do I get more clarity about the state of my business and my customers?
  • How do I create (and settle) extremely complex contracts quickly?
  • How can I adapt quickly to market changes and increase revenue from my existing assets?
  • Simply put: How do I find more efficient, profitable ways of doing business?

One of the largest energy companies in the U.S. asked Fusion Alliance those very questions.

When “how?” becomes “wow!”

Already a Fusion ComTrac customer, energy company turned to Fusion Alliance for answers to their contract management questions, and Fusion Acuity was conceived. Our configurable contract settlement system ensures Sarbanes Oxley compliance, with the ability to stand up intricate contracts quickly and handle extremely complex formulas and data sources. With its versatile formula builder, Fusion Acuity helps energy and commodities companies manage extremely complex charges, while the import engine manages massive volumes of data. The tool effectively tracks contract conditions such as expirations and approvals.

Better view, more speed, bigger scale: stronger chain.

The flexibility of Fusion Acuity radically improved negotiation and pricing processes for one of the country’s largest energy companies, reducing risk through automated SOX controls and security features built to meet regulatory audit and compliance requirements. The best part: fusion acuity is highly configurable and scalable, reducing the it costs and pressures of maintaining multiple independent systems.

Today, this energy company models and executes contract management with greater insight than ever before, this insight enables them to proactively manage the business at hand and decide where they want to head next.

Stop wondering.

Let’s make your “what if” into an “oh, wow!”

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